There are so many reasons to be happy!

Fotos Lago de Atitlán

Panajachel, Harbour

Bailey supdawg

Cerro de Oro

Volunteers @ work


Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina

First steps of our own wake board

Market time

6am – Ready to work

San Pedro

San Pedro

San Pedro

San Pedro

Aprender Español


Don’t think – just jump


Mirador „La catarata“

Bailey Supdawg: „My cool volunteers and me“

Hard work

Hard work 2

Ready to take off

The avocados here are sooooooooooooo bastante grande

San Lucas

Sunset Cerro de Oro

Sunrise Cerro de Oro

It is such a quiet place


I don’t know her…

It is never bring to watch the water

Vulcan in the clouds

The lake is in middle of green plants and trees


Bobby – the best

Cheers Luna

Lake view


How to wash dishes (and clothes) in Guatemala

Spanish school

Small ways everwhere

Hippolino – the Hipopotamo

The German winner team

Candle lights

Typical boat for fishing

There are lots of small villages close to the sea

Ready to work


Silence before the storm

Vulvan views

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