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Tassie – Green paradise on 68000 square meters

Tasmania is not only world famous for its Tasmanian devils, which can only be found here on the largest island in Australia, but also for its unique nature. Tassie, as Tasmania is affectionately called by the Australians, is an absolute highlight and is definitely a must visit – at least by those who appreciate and love the untouched nature.

Again like Kangaroo Island, there is the air or waterway to reach the island from the mainland. We rented a car directly from Hobart airport (yes, again a gag) for the total time of our stay and because of the partial mild temperatures at night it was a loyal companion and also a mobile and warm bed replace at the same time.

If Tasmania seems smaller than the mainland for the first sight, you should not underestimate the distances and plan enough time to discover all the beautiful corners. From multi-day tours to many small trails, everyone will surely find a  favorite walk here. In addition to the untouched nature, you can face on the island also almost all Australian animals in the wild. One exception, the Tasmanian devil is difficult and rare to see. You have to be very lucky.

For campers, as everywhere in Australia, there are plenty of places to spend the night – from modern facilities with all the “bells and whistles” to out-of-the-way, rustic villages with bush toilets, which are often for free. Swimming pools usually offer their showers for $2, at caravan sites they usually cost $5 (hot showers are a real luxury item and are totally overrated :-))

Tasmania was my personal highlight on my trip to Australia. Nature is multi-faceted, as is the weather, which is unpredictable. But as it is common to say in Hamburg: “There is no wrong weather, there is only wrong clothes.” Tassie has brought me to my physical limits, here I met my first wombat and anyway Tassie is just Tassie.

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