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Scandal!!! Kangaroos sighted on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is surprisingly an island located northwest of Adelaide and part of the state South Australia. After Tasmania and Melville Island, it is the third largest island on the continent. In tourism, it is also referred as “Australia’s Galapagos” and is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Asia-Pacific area. Protected by measures of conservation, the island can be described as a green oasis – around one third of the island is a nature reserve and home to countless plants and animals.

Even if the island is visible from the mainland in good weather, you should choose the way over the airplane or the ferry (book this necessarily in time, just the car parking places are highly desired in the high season). A mobile pedestal to explore the island is a “must-have”, an off-road vehicle is recommended. From my own experience, many roads and roads are unsealed, some also recommended only for four-wheel drive and who does not want to drive at 20-30 km / h, should definitely not choose a bubble car :-). Our little one was a Toyota Corolla and with three people + luggage + food also full packed.

After I still have not spotted an alive kangaroo in Australia, my whole hope lay on this island – according to the devise “The name is program” 🙂 And I was not disappointed, in the right places and at the right time you can see hundreds hopping. But especially important here is the difference between wallabies and kangaroos, which can be reasonably easily separated due to color and size.

In addition to impressive animal experiences, there are also numerous nature trails that prove that Kangaroo Island should not be missed on your trip through South Australia.

Who has never surfed through the sand should definitely try sandboarding. Any attempt on the hill and its ascent will cost unimaginable power, but it definitely makes a lot of fun. Our conclusion: The Sandman was nothing against us and an hour is absolutely sufficient or a break is necessary 🙂

Pictures Kangaroo Island

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