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Melbourne – the green and hip oasis in southeastern Australia

After Sydney, Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, with around 5 million inhabitants called the Melburninans. These are distributed in a large radius, so you never have the feeling that Melbourne is overflows with people. A  mix of different cultures gives the city a multi-cultural flair – most of the inhabitants are immigrants.  I can confirm that Melbourne, including the surrounding areas, is cozy and enchanting at the same time and has not been without reason voted 2017 to the most liveable city in the world.

After I decided for a flight with a long stopover in Taipeh, I arrived in Melbourne after 2 days. If you would like to travel further by public transport, you should buy a my ki card at the airport and also fill it with credit. It is the central “payment mehod” for the public transport in Melburne. Our first accommodation was in Pascoe Vale, so rather north and I was glad after the long journey and hill climbing (see pictures) arrived at the accommodation and took a shower. Also the start of my adventure trip was finally real.

The city center

In the center of Melbourne, modernity and antiquity are combined. Next to the tall skyscrapers, you can also find many historic buildings – the mix was new but also fascinating for us. A first overview we got by a free ride on the historic tram. In any case, the city center is a free-tram zone, where you can move from A to B for free.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, the countless parks and green areas offer the right ambience to relax. I can recommend the Royal Botanic Garden, which is located near the center, but also around the Yarra River you will find enough cozy places to relax.

South of the city center, for water lovers, there is St Kilda Beach, or even further out, Brighton Beach, well known for its beach boxes. On both beaches you can swim or even roast in the sun. Note: The Australian sun is murderous – too long without a shady spot is not recommended – unless you want to become a lobster.

At St Kilda Pier there is always a special spectacle every evening after sunset. The dwarf penguins who live between the rocks, come in the evening always waddled from the water in their homes. With luck you can get very close to the little contemporaries, but resepect the barriers to protect them from overly curious visitors.

Pictures of Melbourne

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