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How many people fit on 19.4 kilometres? – Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The Tongariro complex exists of an aggregation of several volcanoes which are still active till this day. The last outbreak of the Te Mari took place in the 11/21/2012. The volcanoes are components of the Tongariro National Park which is the oldest national park of the earth. Since 1990 he is a world nature heir of UNESCO. Some scenes from the film man of the rings were turned here.

However, beside numerous smaller and bigger footpaths, the national park has become popular above all by the Tongariro alpine Crossing, an about 19.4 kilometre long footpath. Starting point is the Mangatepopo Valley for most, the aim is of the Ketetahi a parking bay, but it is to be run also possibly oppositely.

The footpath is to be walked it absolutely worth. And I have also thought to me to begin with that we will not be the only people who move this splendid idea. However, come in the starting point one has already got the first impression, how many it are nevertheless real. To hold on the wonderful nature on photos without having, besides, another human being before the lens is nearly impossible. The only tip is very early or late to start, then one has to enjoy absolutely the best chances the way in his whole splendour.

Who is a little sporty or has already walked on the one or other footpath, will have to master no problems the distance. There is that some passages or rises which is a little tricky one, but occasionally one has very pleasant segments over and over again.


Tip clothing

Who starts early, a jacket and if necessary also cap should have anyway ready – also in summer. The weather is able also in spite of announced sunshine umschwingen, hence, one should simply wear for all cases the suitable clothes or dabeihaben. Otherwise recommends to themselves as well as to use sunscreen everywhere somewhere else in New Zealand. Provision-technically 2 litres of water have reached to me, 3 litres are recommended rather and if one has breakfast in the morning normally, one must also not exaggerate with food.


1) Mangetepopo parking bay – South Crater

The way starts level – to warm up perfectly around itself a little. The earlier one starts to run, is the colder, the quite early birds start in the darkness, run towards for it, however, the sunrise. Definitively a reason to separate from his snug blanket also sometimes a little early. After approx. 1 hour there is a side way to the soda Springs. Then the way becomes slowly more precipitous and with every metre the scenery also changes. The first hurdle are the „stairs of the hell“ which lead one at 1,600-metre height and to the South Crater.

2) South Crater – Red Crater

The South Crater itself is not very high to breathe deeply time after the stairs also sometimes. From here one is able to do the Mt. Ngauruhoe and the Mt. Tongariro see. Ersterer is since man of the rings also under the name Mt. Doom to a small fame become. The rise to the highest point of the wandering, the Red Crater has it once again in itself, then one is recompensed for it with the view of green-bluish gleaming Emerald Lakes.

3) Red Crater – Blue lake

First it goes downhill. I found this segment by far the most mad ones. There are the most different possibilities around to reach to Emerald Lakes. All together it is simply a divine sight – it is like a big duck’s dance to master the way from cinder, sand and stone. Whether one slides at the end, runs under it, itself slowly step by step pretouches is to itself leave, to all in all it is a big slide part. Below concerned it is worthwhile in on the shore to rest. Attention, here there are also places with sulphur smell – the smoking stones are certainly more spectacular for looking than to eat the midday lunch beside them. Then the way to the Blue brine winds by the Central Crater, after an other small increase is of the Blue brine which does all credit to his name, then to overlook no more.

4) Blue lake – Ketetahi parking bay

From here the descent slowly begins. Instead of stone and cinder the scenery changes her colour slowly too green, because here there also is vegetation again. In good weather one has a fantastic view of the brine Taupo, to the biggest lake of New Zealand. The last highlight is the look at Ketetahi Hot Springs, before it becomes greener and greener and one reaches finally by a wood through to the aim. Shortly before there is still the last side arm to a small waterfall.

If one runs along all side arms, one lands at the end with about 21 kilometres. Unfortunately, it was not to be mounted to us any more possibly the summits, they are closed since 2018.

Pictures Tongariro Crossing

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