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Great Ocean Road – 243 kilometres full of wonders and nature

Just an hour away from Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road starts in Torquay and ends 243 km later in Allansroad. It runs along the south coast, is very curvy, goes downhill and uphill and offers plenty of opportunities for stopovers, whether to plunge into the floods to take one of the lookouts photos or admire one of the highlights.

Each year, around 7 million tourists travel the Great Ocean Road. Due to its historical and cultural significance, since 2011 it has been a national monument and part of the Australian National Heritage List.

We took the road in two days, but we recommend 3-4 days if you want to stay longer at the stops or want to do more intermediate stops than we did.                We visited the following places:

  • London Arch/Bridge
  • 12 Apostels
  • The Razorback
  • Melba Gully, Great Otway National Park
  • Castle Rock
  • Port Cambell

The first time left (don’t make fun on us my English friends 🙂 )

It was the first time left driving in the car and after we got a ship of rental car in front of the nose, I was very happy that Steffi took the wheel first 🙂 As co-driver, I was able to get used to drive on the left, too.

Here are our tips for the first time:

  1. Whether on foot, on the escalator or on the bike, you should also make sure that you always use the left side (people anyway do that by themselves, as people in Germany are more of a right-oriented)
  2. As with any new car, you set up mirrors, seats, etc. to meet your needs. Then you should look for a quiet place and practice a few minutes (don’t worry, we also felt like fools)
  3. An automatic circuit is very helpful in the beginning, then you have one point less to pay attention to or your co-driver manage it (just a joke)
  4.  In multi-lane roads always turn left and orientate yourself on the outside line
  5. A co-driver who mentally drives also anf if there is one co-driver always keepin your mind he must always sit on the left edge
  6. If you can choose between several pick-up locations, then you should choose the one that is most quiet. Even if I like adventure and thrill, in that case you should not overstrain your already high adrenaline level
  7. Take your time and do not let stress – there are a few idiots behind the wheel everywhere
  8. It should not be the hardest and longest route of the road trip (makes sense or:-)

Pictures Great Ocean Road

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