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From giant cacti, rainbow mountains and the homeland of the Incas

The north of Argentina, my personal highlight. Starry and icy nights are replaced by sunshine during the day. I have no idea what the people do there in the summer, but the temperatures in the autumn have been enough to melt away during the day. I made it from Tucuman to Salta – unfortunately the region around Jujuy and the Bolivian border has to wait until the next trip to Argentina. Not that nature is not beautiful in the south, especially in the Andes, Patagonia or Tierra del Fuego … but the north is just more primitive, the landscapes rougher and the people are still people who preserve nature and traditions without partially owning a lot yourself. And surely it was because Patagonia, for example, is very similar to the New Zealand West Coast and I just might want to see something different.

San Miguel de Tucuman

Without knowing it, we landed in Tucuman in one of Argentina’s most dangerous cities. In addition to being one of the drug hubs, this city is also one of the ugliest in Argentina. With my fantastic sense of direction, of course, once again ran from the bus station with sack and pack in the adjacent “ghetto” – how nice would be a ability to make invisible in one moment or another or a dolphin (they have known no difficulties to orient oneself). InTucuman I met with Saray and Joge, whom I met in Mendoza. Only after we bought the bus tickets, we realized that through several major events, a fast onward journey and finding an affordable and reasonably reasonable accommodation will be our biggest challenge.

Tafi del Valle (2014 meters)

We will not forget the hike from Tafi to El Mollar. The approximately 13 kilometers have demanded everything. From initially pleasant temperatures it was getting hotter – when we arrived we were completely at the end – every drop of water was worth more than the 6 in the lottery. The road led along the water, between cow herds and mountains we ran into a dead end and our faithful companion “Karamelo Santo” followed and from Tafi to El Mollar. It is a small, quiet village with a big highlight – the Parque de los Menhires. The man-made monoliths are around 2000 years old and important relics of the Tafí culture. They used to be more common in nature, but for protection they were brought together in one place.

Amaicha del Valle

A special feature of this city is that it is governed next to a mayor by an Indian Council. To date, the majority of the inhabitants are Indians. The entire land of the municipality is owned by the Comunidad Indigena and is only leased and not sold. This ensures that the land remains in the possession of the indigenous people and does not pass to private owners. Amaicha itself is very manageable and has next to the typical main village square, a church, a super delicious ice cream parlor and a few small shops.

From there we visited the ruins of Quilmes (the most famous archaeological site in Argentina) and El Remate (waterfall). Apart from our crazy hostel owner, the Odysee of a broken washing machine and smoke smelling clothes we had a wonderful time. Nevertheless, I like the North better and better. At the train station we met Pedro and Claudia, with whom we traveled together to Cafayate.


We have reached the Salta region. Not only, but also founded by tourism, Cafayate is a fast-growing small town, but above all by 360 days of sunshine a year can score (at least for people who prefer dancing in the sun than in the rain). In addition to tourism, winegrowing is the main industry. Quite two things that can be coupled with each other 🙂

We have traveled with our larger group we have the Quebrada de las Conchas (Gorge of the shells). If you do not have a car or would like to go on your own, we recommend a guide, who not only guided us safely through the landscape, but also gave you some interesting facts. The gorges and mountains alternate over a length of 75 km, including the multicolored sandstone cliffs.

Another exciting highlight of my trip was the hike to the seven waterfalls (Cascadas del Río Colorado). Initially we were not completely convinced of the need for a guide and his prices, so after about four hours over hill and dale we were definitely overjoyed with xx. Without him we would not have seen all 7 waterfalls.

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