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New Zealand

The island state in the southern Pacific exists of a north island and south island as well as numerous other smaller islands. Neither geographically nor culturally, one can assign New Zealand to a certain continent. The inhabitants are on the one hand descendants of the British colonists and on the other hand the indigenen Maori. The country lies close on the Pacific and Australian record and belongs to the British kingdom (Commonwealth of Nations). Australia and New Zealand are called together often Oceania.
The about 5 million inhabitants spread on 270,000 square kilometres. Only in Auckland, the biggest town of New Zealand about 1.5 million people, in Wellington live about half a million. Hence, the north island is settled substantially closer than the bigger south island.
Unfortunately, my time in New Zealand was limited to one month. Of it I have spent most time on the south island. New Zealand is for me a green emerald at the other middle of nowhere which has many small wonderful places. Beside the beauty of the untouched nature, one must say at the same time that at some places as for example to the camping places or also Hostels is clearly to be felt that every year just visit many tourists / vacationer the islands like New Zealand inhabitant has.
Beside the nature which appears from many sides the weather has also offered to me everything. I had snow, storms, rains, thunderstorms and sunshine – some of it on one day. From very chill temperatures with approximately 5 °C up to 25 °C everything was present. If one has needed in the morning cap and jacket, at noon has walked by a shower, it could absolutely be that one finishes the day with top and short trousers.

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