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With a surface of about 8 million square metres Australia is the smallest continent, but at the same time also the biggest island of the earth. In addition, it is the only continent which is at the same time also a state. If one takes it certainly and counts also the offshore islands as for example Tasmania or the coconut palm islands and Christmas islands, one would have to speak of the Australian alliance (Commonwealth of Australia).
Australia has about 28 million inhabitants and is 21 times bigger than Germany – everybody can imagine that every inhabitant would have incredibly a lot of place. However, the settlement limits itself rather to the towns and coastal regions. Who would like to hide with pleasure sometimes, should make rather in the inland.
Formerly British colony, is the population of often British origin. Since the 70s a high immigration from the 70s is also to be registered. Although Australia is the smallest continent of the earth, one can spend for hours in the car without meeting, besides, a human soul. The distances are not to be underestimated.
I myself have travelled around on my trip only the southern part. For the people who estimate the nature I can recommend above all Tasmania from wonderful beaches and coasts, about national parks with untouched nature up to mountain regions Tassie offers something for everybody. At the same time one is also spared by the mass tourism which romps about above all on the east coast.

On tour between Melbourne and Sydney

Pictures Roadtrip Melbourne – Sydney

Pictures Tasmania

Pictures Kangaroo Island

Scandal!!! Kangaroos sighted on Kangaroo Island

Great Ocean Road – 243 kilometres full of wonders and nature

Pictues Great Ocean Road

Pictures Melbourne

Melbourne – the green and hip oasis in southeastern Australia